Trust Me…


I need  to honour my intuition as it gently whispers… ‘Trust me’.

I cannot repeat the same patterns of the past…

I’ve come too far and done too much work on myself… I don’t want to become guarded because I sense someone else’s guard is up. I don’t want to lose myself ever again, like that.

I want to go ‘all in’ with someone who’s open to going ‘all in’ with me. I want to embrace the possibility of falling in love and know that I’m not falling alone.

I want to be with someone who can let their barriers fall away and feel the experience of letting go with me; to act on it and express it with no holds barred, in all its vulnerable, scary, beautiful glory.

I want to be with someone I can grow with, as we grow together, healing and building on our life’s lessons and evolving into our best possible selves.  For if a relationship is not capable of opening us up, is it not stunting our growth, or worse still, driving us backwards?

With self-awareness arises an invitation to change; an opportunity to overcome all that has held us back. We can either embrace this call, however uncomfortable it may be initially, or we can run.

Self-awareness is the calling card but it requires action, courage and faith. When you are on the right path, you know. The signs are there, all around, and the gut-instinct doesn’t lie.

To ignore it is painful, to hide from that inner-calling of expansion dims our soul and gradually a part of us dies.

I don’t want to dim my light. I cannot be in a one-sided relationship whereby I’m the one showing all the love and affection, initiating connection and giving much more than receiving… eventually it chips away at my self-esteem and I feel rejected and questioning of my worth.

I refuse to let go of the love I have for myself now, I refuse to sacrifice the hard work I’ve put in to take off my armour. I refuse to put that armour back on, I don’t want or need it anymore.

I want to feel EVERYTHING! All that this beautiful world holds, every experience, good or bad, I want to know it and absorb it all… I want to be fully awake… I want to be fully alive!